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TES is interested in discussing career opportunities with graduate engineers, fulfilling part-time or full-time traffic, transportation, and/or roading engineering roles. Why join TES?

  • TES has a team with wide ranging experience involving multi-disciplinary and complex engineering and private development work, resulting in a variety of interesting and challenging projects

  • TES is an ideal firm to begin or further develop a career due to the firms growth and potential for accelerated career development

  • Our staff have extensive expertise and encourage job ownership and individual initiative, creating on-the-job learning opportunities and skills training

  • We work in a pleasant office environment and are conveniently located in the centre of Auckland's CBD

  • TES understands the need for a balance between work and home life, and has an active and vibrant social club

  • We encourage our staff to become ENZ registered engineers in as short as time possible, for enhanced peer recognition, and we subsidise professional membership fees

  • The TES Graduate Development Program focuses entirely on you being in control of your career development, providing you with a positive and supportive environment to assist in driving your success

  • Our team is committed to creating an environment where junior engineers thrive and are given the support and tools needed to excel.

To apply for a job with TES, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Success! Message received.

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