In August 2019 TES was commissioned to prepare plans to replace an existing cross-roads junction with a new roundabout on raised platform with 4 pedestrian crossings.  This project was high profile and very urgent, due to on-going crashes at the cross-roads junction.  Advanced design scheme plans were delivered by our design team by the end of August, and detailed design plans were delivered within one month of the project being commissioned, by the first week of September 2019. 


Procurement was completed quickly, and construction began early November 2019, which was completed by the second week of January 2020.  Basically, the project progressed from scheme design to construction completed successfully within 5 months.  TES were involved throughout the project, completing all design (including street lighting, pavement design), TMP TIA, RSA responses, resolutions, notification plans, Risk Register, Progress Meeting Minutes, SoQ, and MSQA.