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Ferry Terminal Pick-up and Drop-off Area

Auckland Transport commissioned Traffic Engineering Solution Limited in 2016 to develop number of concept plans for the ferry terminal and then develop the scheme plan of the chosen option.  The design was complicated as area available for the terminal space was very restrictive, was next to the very busy Waiheke Ferry terminal and a large car park. To complicate the design further Waiheke ferry terminal operated in the wrong direction (counter clockwise) creating traffic congestion at the ferry terminal entrance, servicing both terminals and a large car park.  The terminal was to accommodate 3 bus services, that would allow a bus to depart the terminal at the same time as other buses were parked.  Two large new buses (13.5m and double decker buses 12.6m) with rear wheel steering, would service the terminal. Disabled parking, cycle parking, a drop-off area for general traffic a covered walkway to the bus and 3 bus shelters was also provided. The terminal was made safe for the large number of ferry passengers that would be using the terminal at peak periods by installing pedestrian crossings.

Traffic Signals Metering

TES developed a Paramics model that showed Traffic Metering Signals at Half Moon Bay Ferry terminal would improve the capacity and operation of the local surrounding streets. The busy terminal was experiencing significant congestion during the peak operating times when 3 ferries would arrive at one time. The local residents were continually complaining about the congestion in the local streets in peak ferry time operation.


TES then provided the construction plans within a week, allowing prompt tender and construction. The works also involved safety improvements to two local intersections affected by the ferry terminal traffic in the area.

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