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2017 - 2023

TES staff have completed and presented research papers at several technical conferences between 2017-2023, including IPENZ (Hamilton), 'Safer Roads' (Auckland), ARSC (Perth), TRAFINZ (Blenheim), and ATRF (Auckland). Research papers recently delivered at conferences include the following:

- Fix Crash Croner' - A Roundabout Story

This paper described the design, project management and MSQA involved in constructing an innovatively designed roundabout at the intersection of Church Street and Victoria Street, in Auckland. The original intersection had adverse crash statistics, and the roundabout project was delivered within short timeframes to meet stakeholder requirements.

Since constructed, crash analysis showed that the new roundabout has substantially reduced crashes at the junction, with Zero crashes reported since construction. In September 2022, the case study was presented at the ARSC conference in Christchurch and ENZ conference in Tauranga (2023). Also, in November 2022, the case study was published in the international ‘Journal of Road Safety’.



- Auckland 'Shared Spaces' - An Operational and Safety Review

This research paper summarized the results of an operational and safety study of existing Shared Spaces in the Auckland CBD. The study concluded that the Shared Spaces were operating reasonably successfully, but traffic speeds and volumes were considered excessive in some of the spaces.


Excessive traffic speeds and volumes are a key factor adversely affecting pedestrian safety and amenity within a Shared Space, and reducing both can be important for achieving a fully successful outcome for a Shared Space.  Various measures were recommended for reducing traffic speeds and volumes within the spaces, and these measures would be expected to enhance safety and operational performance for existing and future spaces.


A draft copy of the research report can be reviewed in full.



- Road Safety Study - Candia Road

This research project involved a crash monitoring study of 'before' and 'after' crash statistics along a rural road route where TES had designed crash remedial works (TES, 2009). The works were constructed in 2010 and had a combined construction cost of around $1 million.


The works were demonstrated to have reduced reported crashes by a substantial 87%. Also, the works achieved substantial lifetime crash savings ($24 million), very high BCR (19), and saved an average of 1.4 death/serious injury crashes per year.


This research project received a 'Highly Commended' 3M Award at the IPENZ conference. A draft copy of the research report can be reviewed in full.


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