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A Leap Forward in Road Safety - Bader Drive

The finishing touches for several road safety improvements along Bader Drive in Mangere have recently been completed. In an effort to calm vehicle speeds and enhance safety for all road users, one midblock crossing was upgraded and a new midblock crossing was installed in 2023.

The midblock crossings are situated on Bader Drive either side of Mascot Avenue. Prior to the safety improvement works, serious crashes involving pedestrians were reported in the vicinity. The safety works are a game changer for the local community and town centre patrons, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Bader Drive and accessing local shops and parks. In addition, the works included wider pedestrian footpaths, accessible ramps for mobility users, cycle ramps, tactile and visual cues for the blind and visually impaired users, street lighting upgrades, cycle infrastructure enhancements, and storm water upgrades.

Significant site constraints made the project complex and multi-faceted. The design team met the challenge and ensured the highest standards of safety and efficiency were achieved in the final result.

This project marks yet another step forward in Auckland Transport’s continuous pursuit of improving safety in Auckland and plays a part in achieving NZTA’s ‘Safe System’ targets for 2030.

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