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Advanced Technology Assists Safe System Safety

New cars and other vehicles will be sold in Europe with automatic anti-speeding systems fitted as standard from 2022, if new regulations are approved. The “intelligent speed assistance” technology would be one of several innovations introduced in a bid to spur a “big leap forward” in road safety, if voted through by the European parliament.

Other systems mandated by the proposed rules include automated emergency braking and electronic data recorders designed to “store vital data on the car’s status in the moments immediately before a collision”. Automatic braking technology is intended to detect cyclists and pedestrians. All mandatory systems will be fitted to cars, vans, buses and lorries.

This could be a big leap forward for road safety in Europe, with an equivalent impact to mandatory seatbelts, and could prevent 25,000 deaths within 15 years of coming into force. Could mandating similar technology in New Zealand be a Safe System leap forward?

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