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E-Rider Safety

A concerning number of e-scooter and e-bike users (E-riders) are involved in crashes and present themselves to Brisbane emergency departments. Almost 800 E-riders with device-related injuries attended hospitals in Brisbane over an 18 month period. Also, its expected that injury frequency will grow as E-riding becomes more popular.

The number of E-riders who didn’t wear helmets was concerning, with half of patients with head injuries having opted for no protective gear. Furthermore, almost one third of E-riders at hospital had alcohol in their system, with spikes in crashes between noon and midnight, and around weekends.

Information needs to be more widely available about the risks of E-riding. Also, stricter legislation and enforcement may need to be considered, including (1) helmet wearing, (2) speed limits, and (3) late night locking, particularly in pedestrianised CBD areas.

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