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E-Scooter Training in the Uk

In Great Britain, the AA is to give road safety lessons to e-scooter riders, as operators launch what is billed as the first theory test for the latest form of transport. Under the scheme, e-scooter riders will be taught how to operate and park the vehicles and share the road safely with cars, pedestrians, and vulnerable users.

Complaints of antisocial behaviour have been recorded in various areas around the UK. A theory test will ask riders questions such as “why is it important to park responsibly?” and “what is the preferred route to use scooters?”

Partly due to Covid, people are avoiding public transport in big cities and e-mobility is going to be a big part of the mix. Also, e-scooter safety concerns have led to the introduction of e-scooter features such as built-in helmets and indicator lights, along with pledges to add sounds to alert blind and visually-impaired people.

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