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Gateway Treatments

Gateway treatments (also referred to as speed thresholds) are used to mark a change in speed environment along a road, including the transition from a high-speed road to a low speed environment at a rural-urban interface.

Gateways can include a combination of speed limit signs, place name signs, lane narrowing, coloured pavement markings and/or different surface treatments, to lower motorist speeds and improve road safety.

Research indicates that gateway treatments are effective at reducing crashes, particularly fatal and serious. A study by Makwasha and Turner, showed that gateways led to 26% reduction in all crashes and a 35% reduction in crashes at pinch point gateways.

Further measures to improve gateways could include:

  • Raised median islands

  • Roundel road markings

  • Landscape planting / Urban Design

  • Downstream traffic calming / Electronic Signage

  • Flag / Banners / Tactical Urbanism

For more information, see the full study at:

Rural Gateway Example

Urban Gateway Example

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