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Hoboken - Zero Traffic Deaths

Vision Zero at Work: A New Jersey City Celebrates Seven Years of Zero Traffic Deaths

While traffic deaths continue to rise in much of the United States, one New Jersey city is bucking the trend. Hoboken, with a population of around 60,000, has implemented a ‘Vision Zero’ plan that is working as intended. The city hasn’t had a single traffic death since January 2017, and according to Bloomberg, traffic injuries are down about 40 percent in that same period. Also, its traffic-related injury rates are approximately half that of neighbouring cities.

While small, Hoboken shows how a city can make simple, low-cost changes that make a big impact on the lives of their residents. Local leaders built bike lanes, brought bike share to the city, and redesigned crosswalks for improved visibility and pedestrian safety. The biggest change, however, was the city’s commitment to speed reduction. In 2022 Hoboken lowered its city speed limit from 30 miles per hour to just 20, making it significantly more likely for pedestrians to survive collisions.

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