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Mobile Phones and Driving

Queensland drivers face $1000 fines and four demerit points if they’re caught on camera using their phones behind the wheel or not wearing a seatbelt. Roadside cameras will be permanently rolled out across the state’s roads later this month as part of the Queensland government’s $1.69bn road safety plan.

The cameras were trialled last year and from July 26 will be a permanent fixture in order to catch drivers using their devices while behind the wheel. New rules are included, with drivers banned from resting a mobile on any part of their body, including their laps. Motorists will not be allowed to hold mobile phones in their hands regardless of whether the device is on.

Drivers will also be forbidden from passing their phone to a passenger. Mobile phones can continue to be used when a vehicle is stationary to pay for goods and services, including when at a drive-through. Also, the new cameras will be able to detect drivers and their front-seat passengers not wearing seatbelts. If the enforcement programme is successful, similar initiatives should be considered in New Zealand.

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