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Ongoing Since 2017


TES is one of only four consultants supplying street lighting professional services and expertise to Auckland Transport as part of the long-term on-going TTEPS supplier panel contract.

TES has invested in the latest street lighting software, light meters, laser measuring tools, and NZIHT training courses, and has a large team dedicated to street lighting investigation.

Being one of the few consultants capable of undertaking street lighting design, TES can offer design efficiencies to clients by being able to combine street lighting into other design projects, providing a comprehensive package of works.

Also, TES are experts at crash studies, and we combine our crash expertise with our street lighting skills to create effective and efficient designs, in alignment with Safe Systems principles of design.

We have a close working relationship with Auckland Transport's lighting team.

We strive to innovate in our designs, and we are currently designing draft proposals for trial lighting of rural road bends that have adverse crash records at night. 

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