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Ongoing Since 2011

From 2011 to 2023 TES has been a Supplier Panel member providing Traffic, Transportation, and Roading Engineering Professional Services to Auckland Transport. This Supplier Panel has several members, and for Key Performance Indicators such as time, cost, quality and client satisfaction, TES has been consistently ranked by clients within the top 3 suppliers.


This achievement demonstrates that TES not only delivers, but excels in performance over the long-term when compared to other consultants, including major international companies.


The professional services delivered include traffic surveys, traffic modelling, crash reduction studies, safety audits, peer reviews, traffic safety studies, feasibility investigations, scheme design, detailed design, construction plans, cost estimates, cost schedules, economic evaluations, funding applications, council resolutions, secondments, expert advice for resource consents, public consultation, school travel plans, 40km/h school zones, street lighting design, topographical surveys, roading design, utility services investigations, and pavement design.

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